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Amulet: "A pendant with natural magical properties."

For Amulet owner and maker, Elisabeth, amulets are beautiful stones, used both for their decorative beauty and for their healing properties. Strung together with silk and worn ‘round your neck, slipped into your pocket, or used as a meditation tool, amulets are modern wearable art and ancient energy medicine all at once. Elisabeth is a massage therapist and crystal healer who has been creating these pieces for her clients for 20 years and now makes them more broadly available on her Amulets for Well Being website and at her Etsy shop. She is happy to connect personally with clients to create custom pieces according to preferences in color, stone, or chakra support.

Amulet Penant Collection

Chi Cascade Lakes Dark Matters Grounded Blue Truth Earth & Sky Full Moon Stone Lava & Moon Full Moon over Smith Rock Sage & Juniper Oceans Friends Forever Chakra Rosary Sea Forest Pearls & Kelp Spring Water Sparkle The Bear Strength Heart Adventure Green Goddess Solar Power Heart Song Sacred Heart Medal Antique Claw & Crystal Ball Antique French Bone Disc Angel and Abalone

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Amulet Penant Collection

Power & Truth Aqua Sea & Abalone Spoken Vitality Rose is for Love Grief with Power Love & Truth Sunny Honey & the Bee Harmony Crystal Clear Purple Reign Antique Celtic Cross

May be available for re-creation on request